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About Community Pediatrics


​Since 2005, CPTI has supported pediatricians to become leaders who address child health issues with a community perspective and advocate for positive, lasting change. We have worked with about 100 pediatric residency programs through our various grant programs.

We believe that all pediatric residency graduates should be equipped with the skills necessary to engage in evidence-based community health activities and effective collaborations with community-based organizations to achieve optimal well-being for children. As trusted voices in the public arena, pediatricians can communicate the issues children are facing; mobilize families, doctors and other health professionals to be a voice for children; and make positive changes that impact the health and well-being of children in their communities.

CPTI works in many ways to develop pediatrician champions for community health and advocacy. We advance the field of community pediatrics by supporting:

  • Resident engagement in the community to provide a perspective of health needs beyond the hospital setting
  • Partnerships with community-based organizations to promote health at the local level
  • Faculty development to build a network of leaders who will effectively train the next generation of physicians to be effective child health advocates
  • Collaboration among residency programs to influence child health and policies on a broader level

CPTI Le​adership Team


Benjamin Hoffman, MD, FAAP
CPTI  Director, Oregon Health and Science University​

Jeffrey Kaczorowski, MD, FAAP
University of Rochester

Lisa Chamberlain, MD, MPH, FAAP
Stanford University

Katie Plax, MD, FAAP
Washington University

Jeanine Donnelly, MPH
CPTI Manager, American Academy of Pediatrics

For more​ information

Contact CPTI via email or call 800-433-9016 x6397 to learn more about how we can support your efforts in strengthening community health and advocacy training. 

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