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Opinion Poll


The AAP, in collaboration with the Children's Health Fund, developed questions for an opinion poll to stimulate discussion on the use of resources related to disaster planning and response specific to children's issues. Another reason for the poll was to respond to guidelines from the Institute of Medicine that dismissed, on ethical grounds, prioritizing children above adults with the same condition when a disaster overwhelmed resources and required that prioritization occur. Marist College Institute for Public Opinion conducted a telephone survey that included 6 questions prepared by the AAP. The majority of people surveyed supported giving higher priority to children and their needs over adults. Opinions remained consistent across various demographics, including region, household income, education, age, race, gender and political party. See the AAP Press Release or download the AAP National Survey - October 2010.

Questions and survey results can be used:
  • To encourage discussion on children's preparedness and response issues.
  • To promote planning for when resources are scarce and tough decisions need to be made.
  • To facilitate collaborations with constituents.
  • To encourage funding and support for implementation of the National Commission on Children and Disasters report recommendations.
An AAP Opinion Poll PowerPoint is also available for use.