Research and Journals

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Research and Journals

Research Projects That Support Pediatric Disaster Preparedness

Nine accredited schools of public health were awarded funds to establish Preparedness and Emergency Response Research Centers. These schools will conduct research that will evaluate the structure, capabilities, and performance of public health systems for preparedness and emergency response activities.

The schools receiving funding and their projects are:

The following journals feature information related to disaster preparedness:
  • American Journal of Disaster Medicine – Provides physicians and medical professionals with essential tools to combine emergency medical and trauma skills with crisis management and new forms of triage. This journal is peer-reviewed and published 6 times each year. It is the official journal of the American Society for Disaster Medicine.
  • Clinical Pediatric Emergency Medicine – This special issue on pediatric disaster readiness addresses topics such as the role of pediatric providers, current challenges and future direction, terrorist threats, natural disasters, mental health, hospital preparedness, and the federal view on protecting children during disasters.
  • Disaster Medicine and Public Health Preparedness – A comprehensive and authoritative journal emphasizing public health preparedness and disaster response for all health care and public health professionals globally. This quarterly journal is peer-reviewed and was launched by the American Medical Association in June 2007.
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