State Inititiatives Region II

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State Inititiatives Region II


Chapter Contact: Jeffrey Bienstock, MD, FAAP
Chapter Contact: Laurence Flint, MD, FAAP
Chapter Contact: Fran Gallagher, MD, FAAP
Chapter Contact: Elliot Rubin, MD, FAAP

New Jersey Chapter leadership is very involved in disaster preparedness efforts. Margaret Fisher, MD, FAAP, immediate Chapter Past President, is part of the AAP Disaster Preparedness Advisory Council; Elliot Rubin, MD, FAAP, Chapter President, is the AAP Disaster Preparedness Chapter Contact; and Fran Gallagher, Executive Director, is coordinating the chapter’s efforts.
The New Jersey Chapter has been actively engaged in disaster preparedness initiatives in the two years following Superstorm Sandy. They have launched the Pediatric Partnership Initiative, in collaboration with the New Jersey Department of Children and Families to provide learning opportunities for pediatric and family practice providers who serve children and families in communities hit hardest by Superstorm Sandy. The education in is the form of Grand Rounds, EPIC (Educating Practices in their Communities) office based sessions and learning collaboratives to identity and support children and families who have experienced stress as a result of and are still recovering from the impact of the storm. They have produced a video discussing the struggles they faced with recovery and the how important it is to be prepared for such disasters.
The New Jersey Chapter is also partnering with the New Jersey Department of Health on the Healthy Homes Initiative. The goal of the Healthy Homes program is to educate primary care practices in the SuperStorm Sandy affected counties on strategies to address exposure to lead and other housing-based hazards that may impact the health of children and pregnant women.  The disaster preparedness education for pediatric and family practice providers will be conducted in the form of webinars and EPIC office based trainings.

NJAAP’s 2013 Annual Meeting, entitled “Preparing for the Unexpected”, had disaster preparedness as its central theme.

Goals of the chapter are to expand their efforts to include coordinated practice and hospital preparedness.

A "Learn How To Cope With Your Emotions During Public Health Emergencies​" brochure was developed by the New Jersey Department of Human Services, produced in cooperation with the New Jersey Department of Health.

New York

Chapter Contact: Edward D. Lewis, MD, FAAP
The New York AAP Chapter 1 coordinates its disaster preparedness efforts through the AAP District II office.
Chapter 2
Chapter Contact: Anthony Battista, MD, FAAP

The New York AAP Chapter 2 developed a Web page on disaster preparedness.
Chapter 3
Chapter Contact: George Foltin, MD, FAAP
Chapter Contact: Arthur Cooper, MD, FAAP

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