State Initiatives - Region VIII

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State Initiatives - Region VIII

Chapter Contact: Benjamin Elkon, MD
​Chapter Contact: David Markenson, MD, MBA, FAAP
Chapter Contact: Joseph Wathen, MD
Chapter Contact: Cathy White, MD, FAAP​​

The Montana AAP Chapter has appointed Cathy White, MD, FAAP, to serve as the Chapter Contact for Disaster Preparedness for the state. Dr White is currently looking into ways to recruit others to help with Chapter initiatives. Another goal is to update and post materials on the Chapter and State Department of Health Web sites. Dr White would also like to identify activities to create a state Chapter action plan.
Chapter Contact: Parag Kumar, MD, FAAP

Parag Kumar, MD, FAAP, has received special training and is certified in Advanced HAZMAT Life Support (AHLS). This is a comprehensive training program that helps participants to develop the critical skills needed to treat victims exposed to toxic substances and to be ready to face the medical challenges of hazmat incidents such as chemical spills or toxic terrorism. Dr Kumar has attended a variety of other trainings in disaster response and is a certified first responder who is responsible for pediatric aspects of disaster, mass casualty, or terrorism response. He has also completed the basic and advanced disaster life support courses conducted by the American Medical Association.
Dr Kumar helped design and implement the University of North Dakota School of Medicine BORDERS Alert & Ready program and is a member of the MedCenter One Emergency Preparedness committee. The Biochemical Organic Radiological Disaster Educational Response System is a continuing education and training program operated by the University of North Dakota Research Foundation in cooperation with the University of North Dakota School of Medicine and Health Sciences.
South Dakota

Chapter Contact: Hilary Hewes, MD, FAAP

Hilary Hewes, MD, FAAP, and Cassondra Burton, MD, (pediatric resident) developed and implemented a pediatric outpatient office disaster preparedness project for 2016. First, Dr Hewes delivered Grand Rounds on disaster preparedness at Primary Children's Hospital. Following that, they surveyed pediatric offices around Salt Lake Valley with questions based on AAP recommendations for disaster/emergency preparedness. Using survey results, they developed 12 short monthly preparedness tasks, designed to be easily accomplished at a staff meeting or in less than 30 minutes time. After presenting a training session discussing pediatric disaster preparedness and their project at the Utah Chapter’s Practice Managers Group Spring Meeting, they distributed a calendar with a disaster logo, the 12 tasks represented with stickers, a summary of the project, and a copy of the AAP Preparedness Checklist for Pediatric Practices to all in attendance. As part of the training session, attendees were trained in how various disasters affect children, why children are more vulnerable during a disaster, and received tools to prepare their practice, and self, for a variety of disaster scenarios.  Outreach activities will continue throughout the year, including repeating the survey 6 and 12 months out to assess progress with office preparedness.
Chapter Contact: Susanne Oss, MD, FAAP
The Wyoming AAP Chapter has contacted a representative in the Department of Health to discuss ways of ensuring that the needs of children are addressed within state preparedness plans and protocols. The chapter also is in the process of identifying a chapter contact and plans to identify several action steps that can be accomplished within the next year.
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