Project ECHO

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​Project ECHO​

​​In November 2013, the AAP partnered with the ECHO Institute to deliver a 1-year pilot CYE TeleECHO clinic in New Mexico. The pilot clinic was a success and was expanded to five other states (Illinois, Colorado, New York, Kansas, and Missouri). Together, these multi-disciplinary teams created a standardized curriculum comprised of 13 sessions using evidence-based and/or evidence-informed clinical guidelines and practices on the diagnosis and management of epilepsy, while also integrating team-based care among patients, families, primary and subspecialty care practitioners in a patient/family-centered medical home. This standardized curriculum incorporates the American Academy of Neurology Epilepsy Physician Performance Measurement Set, medical home principles, and quality improvement methodology. 

Children and Youth with Epilepsy TeleECHO Standardized Curriculum ​

Session #​​​Title​​
​1​Seizures Overview
​2​Types of Seizures and Common Epilepsy Syndromes in Children
3​Role of the Primary Care Provider
​4Testing and Diagnosis
​5​Family Education and Support
​6Medication Management
​7​Other treatments: Beyond anti-seizure medications
​8Co-morbidities of Pediatric Epilepsy​​​
​9Co-morbidities of Pediatric Epilepsy
​10​Seizure Emergencies: Status Epilepticus
​11​Alternative and Complimentary Medicines
​12Quality Improvement
13Transition to Adult care​

For additional information, please contact Amy Shah, MPH

For more information about the AAP ECHO Superhub, click here. ​

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