Health IT at AAP

Health Information Technology at AAP

The AAP has been involved with health information technology (HIT) for many years. We recognize the importance of HIT tools and platforms that are developed, implemented, and integrated effectively to support the best quality of care for children.

  • Build awareness about the importance of HIT as it relates to improved quality and efficiency of pediatric care.

  • Advocate for pediatricians’ HIT needs by coordinating and communicating issues at the national level, including with the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC), policy makers, and HIT developers and vendors.

  • Provide member resources and education about electronic health record (EHR) adoption and implementation.

  • Support the translation and spread of knowledge for integration into electronic formats.

Focus Areas

Effective Adoption and Use
The AAP works to support members in the successful adoption and use of HIT, including EHRs, in a variety of pediatric care settings through the provision of assistance, support, tools, and advocacy.

Watch: EHR and the Urgent Need to Address Clinician Burnout
Administrative burden is an ongoing source of stress, frustration, and burnout for pediatricians. In many cases, EHRs contribute to that burden – but there is hope! Join Dr Emily Webber for an engaging discussion of the scope of EHR-related burnout, as well as some examples of research and strategies currently going on to make the EHR less burdensome and more useful.

Research and Development
The AAP Seeks new knowledge about products, processes, and services to support the translation of contentinto various electronic formats.

Strategic Priorities
  • Continuous patient and family engagement in health electronically, in a private, secure, equitable, accessible way.

  • Facilitating pediatric learning health systems.

  • Next generation education and burnout.

  • Consolidation and maintenance of multi-sourced data in a safe, meaningful, and usable way.

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