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Spanish Language Resources

​​​​​1. Oral Health
Oral health topics include dental visits, fluoride, nutrition, oral health care, oral hygiene, and safety.

2.  Healthy Smiles: Oral Health Webinar For Spanish-Speaking Parents (Video)
Discover key messages around oral health knowledge and best practices. Health managers and program staff can use the archived webinar to host a viewing party for Spanish-speaking families!​

3. Reducing Stress
This series of 12 colorful posters teaches effective strategies to reduce stress in families and staff. English/Spanish

4.  Learning About Depression​
Learn the signs and symptoms of depression, that depression is common and treatable and that when parents are depressed it is hard to parent well.

5. Responding Positively To Child Behavior
Learn tips and tools for understanding child behavior, validating your child's feelings and setting clear expectations.

6. Growing Healthy:  A Guide For Head Start Health Managers And Families About Healthy Active Living For Young Children (Nutrition)
All parents know that they should teach their children to eat healthy and encourage them to exercise. However, that can be hard to do, especially when it feels like everything about your current lifestyle needs to change. Program staff may use this worksheet with families to help them start behaviors that will improve the health and wellness of everyone at home.

7.  Health Tips For Families
Healthy habits for active play begin when children are young.  From when your child is a baby, you can help her/him to develop healthy habits.  Find out how.​