Plain Language Resources

Plain Language Resources

  1. Health Tips for Families Series 
    These fact sheets can be provided to families for information about the Office of Head Start priorities. Topics include Active Play, Health Literacy, Healthy Breathing, Healthy Eating, Mental Health, Oral Health and Safety and Injury Prevention. They are also available in 13 languages.

  1. Healthy Children are Ready to Learn
    This tip sheet provides information on how a healthy development supports school readiness and learning.

  1. Growing Healthy Posters
    The 5210 message provides suggestions for building healthy, active lives.

  1. Growing Healthy Family Goals Worksheet
    This worksheet can help families set goals to leading healthy, active lives.

  1. Brush Up on Oral Health Tip Sheets
    This monthly tip sheet provides information on current practice and practical tips for promoting good oral health and provides recipes for healthy snacks.

  1. Healthy Habits Happy Smiles
    This series of handouts provide simple tips on oral health issues.

  1. Parent Brochures
    These brochures are easy to read health education materials that include topics on lead awareness, home safety, injury prevention, and mental health. 

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