Referral and Follow-Up

​Referral and Follow-Up

Referral Directory Templates (Word) (Excel) – worksheet to guide practices in identifying resources available in the community to assist families.

PRAPARE Toolkit - Provides a chapter on building capacity to address social determinants of health and developing cross-sector partnerships.

SAMHSA-HRSA Partnership Checklist - Can be used by practices to assess potential partnership strategies.

Road Map to Address the Social Determinants of Health Through Community Collaboration - A Pediatrics article that presents a systematic approach to identifying social needs and building partnerships to address them.

Beyond Developmental Screening: Children Identified At-Risk - A webinar highlighting the methods used to develop and implement community-specific pathways for children identified at-risk, includes a link to a script for follow up call to family.

Early Intervention, IDEA Part C Services, and the Medical Home: Collaboration for Best Practice and Best Outcomes – Includes suggestions for collaboration with EI and a review of the core components of the IDEA Part C program.

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