Delivering Reproductive Health Care Services

​Delivering Reproductive Health Care Services

​It is important for adolescents and young adults to have regular clinical preventive service visits, especially around reproductive health care. Primary care providers play an important role in counseling teens on various aspects of reproductive and sexual health care; and because sexual behaviors change during adolescence, continued discussions are needed to monitor these changes. In addition to discussing monitoring menstrual cycles, counseling on contraception, pregnancy prevention, and family planning are important components to the reproductive health care adolescents receive. Receiving comprehensive reproductive health counseling regularly is a necessity for teens. If a teen decides to become sexually active, they need to understand their options and learn about which form of contraception is best for them. However, many do not feel comfortable going to the doctor's office.

Below are resources for providers, adolescents/young adults, and families that can optimize this care.

AAP Clinical Guidance for Primary Care Providers

Bright Futures Guidelines for Preventive Services: Provides information and guidance on a reproductive health care.

Sexual and Reproductive Health Care Services in the Pediatric Setting: This clinical report outlines how a pediatric practice can provide reproductive health care services.




CDC Resources for Providers, Adolescents/Young Adults, and Families 

  • Reproductive Health: The CDC has a variety of materials and resources for providers and families on reproductive health issues. 

  • Parent Portal: The CDC offers resources for parents to help them talk to their teens about reproductive and sexual health care topics. 

  • Data on Sexual Risk Behaviors: Provides a variety of statistics related to teen and adolescent sexual health that can help pediatricians 'make the case' for the importance of sexual health services not only in practice, but also in area-wide schools.

Other Helpful Resources for Providers, Adolescents/Young Adults and Families 

Healthy Children: The AAP’s public-facing Web site contains resources for parents on reproductive health care topics: 

Bedsider: Contraception site geared towards youth.

Healthy Teen Network

ACOG: Provides information, fact sheets, and answers to frequently asked questions about contraception, reproductive, and sexual health topics from a gynecologic perspective. 

Sexual and Reproductive Health Care: A Position Statement from the Society for Adolescent Health and Medicine: This statement provides guidance on the reproductive and sexual health services that should be provided for adolescent and young adult patients. 

Providing Confidential Reproductive Health Care (Physicians for Reproductive Health): This module explains why confidentiality is essential to adolescent clinical care and explores the laws regarding minors’ access to reproductive health services.

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