CHD According to Me

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CHD According to Me


​​In their own words these family members offer their perspective on living with a congenital heart defect (CHD):

CHD and Me: Pregnancy 

Daughter’s Fight with CHD Inspires Dad’s Heart-healthy Journey

CHD Mom: Letter to a new CHD mom​​

CHD Mom: Parenting a child with a CHD​

CHD Sibling: Open communication can help CHD siblings cope

CHD Patient and Psychologist: Managing Mental Health with a CHD​​

Pediatricians and other professionals in the care team for people and families living with CHD can play an important role in connecting them to support groups. People living with CHD and those who love them are encouraged to connect with others who also have a CHD or a family member with a CHD. Information about supports available to patients and families are available through the following CHPHC member organizations.

Adult Congenital Heart Association
Children’s Heart Foundation 
Mended Little Hearts 
Pediatric Congenital Heart Association​ ​

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