Stay Strong Campaign

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​​"St​ay Strong. Stay in Care" Campaign

​"Stay Strong. Stay in Care" is a campaign from the Congenital Heart Public Health Consortium (CHPHC) designed to encourage adolescents and young adults with a congenital heart defect (CHD) to stay strong by staying in care. A goal of the campaign is to help adolescents and young adults realize that they can accomplish great things despite their medical condition. However, it is important to stay strong and as healthy as possible in order to be able to achieve these goals, and a congenital cardiologist plays a key role in helping individuals with CHDs stay strong and healthy. ​

Join us April 17-21 as we celebrate that people living with a CHD live longer, more productive lives. At the same time, help us remind everyone that surgery and interventions as a child are not a cure. Tell us how staying in care made you stronger. Share your photo and story with the Stay Strong. Stay in Care campaign by following these directions:​

  1. To upload your photo to the Stay Strong. Stay in Care campaign frame, visit

  2. Tell us your story and share it by posting to Twitter and/or Facebook directly from this site.

  3. To post to Instagram "Download the Twibbon" at the bottom of the page and upload to your Instagram page with a caption of your story.

  4. Use #CHDcare4life #CHDstories #CHDawareness.

Instagram is the primary platform being used to launch this campaign; however, anyone participating can use the platform of their choice (Facebook, Instagram or Twitter) to repurpose messages or share your own (or – with their permission – your family member's) story.

Check out what is being said by CHPHC members and member organizations:

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The Stay Strong. Stay in Care campaign is sponsored by the CHPHC, a group of organizations and individuals that have united their resources in an effort to prevent congenital heart defects and improve the lives of those adults and children affected by the disease. Access additional information about lifelong care for people living with CHD on the website. 

Not everyone living with congenital heart disease will be able to compete in an IRONMAN event like David Watkins of the Ironheart Foundation; pictured above. However, staying in congenital cardiology care throughout your lifetime will help you stay healthy so you can accomplish the goals you set out for your life. Photo courtesy of the Ironheart Foundation.
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