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Grantee FAQs

Welcome CATCH Grantees! This page is designed with you in mind. Here you will find information about your CATCH grant such as how to apply for an extension the format for the financial reports, how to submit your final report and much more. 

If you don't find what you're looking for here, please contact your CATCH staff.


    When does my CATCH project begin?

    Your CATCH project begins when your fiscal agent receives the funds. If you don't have all your paperwork into the CATCH Staff by the specified deadline, your grant may be closed.  The project period is 12 months, but you can ask for one 6-month extension.  

    What do I need to do to receive my funds?
    1. The completed Award Agreement form - Signed by the grantee and fiscal agent
    2. A copy of the federal tax exempt letter to your fiscal agent (This letter should be on file in the accounting department of your fiscal agent) 
    3. An original letter from your fiscal agent on the organization's letterhead stating that it will manage your funds with the understanding that grant funds may not be used for physicians' salaries or fees, administrative overhead, fiscal agent's fees, indirect costs, or fringe benefits. The letter should also include all pertinent contact information. A template of this letter will be sent to you.
    What is a fiscal agent?
    A fiscal agent is a non-profit, tax exempt organization that you appoint to receive your grant award distributions. The fiscal agent will deposit your funds and will write checks to providers for services rendered (eg, your project staff, consultant, a print shop for materials printed), or to reimburse you for expenses incurred, such as the purchase of refreshments or meals for meetings or incentive gift cards for focus group participants.
    Why do I need a fiscal agent?
    Not only is it a CATCH requirement but also by appointing a tax-exempt organization (charitable, educational, religious or other nonprofit entity) to receive your grant award distributions, you may avoid personal tax liability.
    How can I find a fiscal agent?

    The following suggestions may help you locate an appropriate fiscal agent for your grant funds:

    • Ask your community partners whether one of them would be willing to serve as your fiscal agent. Remember that the fiscal agent must be a nonprofit entity.
    • Investigate whether there is a nonprofit agency in your community that would be willing to serve as fiscal agent. Examples include
      • the local YMCA
      • a family services agency
      • a faith-based or cultural organization
      • a local health advocacy agency
      • the hospital where you have admitting rights
      • a college or university with which you are affiliated.
    • Call your local AAP chapter to determine its willingness to act as your fiscal agent.
    • Keep in mind that some agencies or chapters will want to charge an administrative fee for this service. CATCH funds cannot be used for fiscal agent fees.
    Why do I need to make changes to my budget?

    During your orientation call you may be asked to submit a revised budget. This is done to add clarification to various line items, to eliminate unallowable items, or to add suggested items that had not been previously included. Please see the guidelines for the grant cycle in which you applied (these guidelines change each year, so please save a copy). Please note that these guidelines are not exhaustive.


    Can I get an extension?

    Although the expectation is that you will complete your project in 12 months, you are allowed to request up to one 6-month extension.  Complete the extension request form on which you will need to provide a brief summary of program activities to date, reasons for requesting the extension, and an action plan for the next 6 months. 

    How can I get help/technical assistance with my project?

    The Chapter CATCH FacilitatorsDistrict Resident CATCH Liaisons and CATCH staff are available to give you technical assistance on your project. 

    Additional resources that can help you with your CATCH project:
    Database of previously funded child health projects
    Funding sources that support similar programs
    Medical Home resources

    May I make changes to my project or budget?

    While we don't allow for you to alter your proposals, some changes to the project be may made as long as your goals remain the same. You must have all changes, including budget revisions, approved by the CATCH coordinator. If you do not have approval for budget changes, you may not be reimbursed for the costs of those items.


    Are there reporting requirements?

    Yes, as agreed upon in your award documents you are required to submit a final report 30 days after the completion of your project. The final report may be accessed online. We suggest you preview the summary of key questions first.

    What if I can't complete my CATCH project?

    The expectation is that you would finish your project, but we know that isn't always possible. If you find yourself in this situation, contact the CATCH Technical Assistance Coordinator at

    How can I return unused funds?

    Please have the check written to the American Academy of Pediatrics. On the check stub, please be sure to include:

    • The pediatrician or resident's name
    • CATCH Grant
    • The account number to which the funds should be deposited. Please contact the CATCH staff by email for your account number
    • Checks should be mailed to:
      American Academy of Pediatrics 
      PO Box 776442
      Chicago, IL 60677-6442
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