Title Making a Mobile Unit a Medical Home
AAP Grant ID 1992
Project Year 2012
City & State Washington, DC
Program Name CATCH Resident
Topic Medical Home
Program Description
The District of Columbia is home to the world’s most powerful political and economic forces. However, just miles from Capitol Hill, many District residents lack basic social and medical services. DC’s Northeastern and Southeastern quadrants, specifically, host markedly fewer medical facilities; concomitantly, there exist much higher rates of chronic disease, including asthma and obesity, and poor socioeconomic indicators. The Mobile Health Unit of Children’s National Medical Center was begun over 10 years ago in an attempt to increase primary and basic acute care services for children in these neighborhoods. Although the Mobile Unit has made great strides in providing quality health care services, now serving over 2000 children annually, the majority of patients currently being seen at the mobile unit sites do not come from the neighborhoods in which the unit is located. Many patients are late to or miss appointments because of transportation issues. Similarly, many families approach the van requesting a variety of services and are turned away, as their requests do not fit into the model of appointment-based services on a strict schedule. It is in the context of these missed opportunities in the creation of a convenient and effective mobile medical home that this project was designed. The project aims to identify the reasons that patients, families, and communities choose to use or not to use the mobile unit, and to design and implement interventions to improve local usage and quality service. The implications for delivery of high quality, mobile medical care for DC’s underserved children are enormous.
1. To determine the number of patients that use the mobile health unit who live within the immediate geographic area, and their associated demographic information
2. To determine patients' and families' attitudes and beliefs about the mobile health unit, as well as their reasons for and against using the mobile health unit versus fixed sites
3. To engage the residents of the immediate neighborhoods in which the unit is co-located to increase utilization of the mobile unit as their medical home
AAP District District III
Institutional Name Children's National Medical Center; Graduate Medical Education; 111 Michigan Ave NW; W3.5 Suite 600
Contact 1 Heidi Schumacher
Contact 2
ID 116