Title South Valley FIT (Families In Training)
AAP Grant ID 1994
Project Year 2012
City & State Albuquerque, NM
Program Name CATCH Planning
Topic Overweight & Obesity (LHI)
Program Description
Childhood obesity is a family health issue, not an individual one. As in all areas of pediatrics, collaboration and participation of the patient’s caregiver(s) are vital in assessment and treatment of the patient. As we know, children are unique as patients, especially when it comes to lifestyle modification, in that they are not responsible for purchasing or creating their meals and are generally discouraged from initiating unsupervised physical activities. As more studies are done on childhood obesity, it has become apparent that prevention and management of this disease needs to involve the entire family if it is to be effective and sustainable. The goal for the planning phase of this project will be to focus on implementing the nine core principles of Community-Based Participatory Research for Health; 1. recognize the community as a unit of identity, 2. build on strengths and resources within the community, 3. facilitate collaborative and equitable partnership and involve an empowering and power-sharing process that attends to social inequalities, 4. promote co-learning and capacity building among all partners, 5. integrate and achieve a balance between research and action for the mutual benefit of all partners, 6. emphasize public health problems of local relevance and also ecological perspectives that recognize and attend to the multiple determinants of health and disease, 7. involve systems development through a cyclical and iterative process, 8. disseminate findings and knowledge gained to all partners and involve all partners in the dissemination process, and 9. require a long-term process and commitment to sustainability.
1. Educate children and parents of the community regarding the recommended guidelines to prevent or slow childhood obesity.
2. Identify the barriers that caregivers and children in the South Valley face in preventing or slowing childhood obesity.
3. Create a community coalition to address these barriers by providing access to key resources not previously available to the community.
AAP District District VIII
Institutional Name First Choice Community Healthcare, 2001 N. Centro Familiar Blvd. SW
Contact 1 Jennifer Maito
Contact 2
ID 118