Title Crianza y Salud (Parenting and Health)
AAP Grant ID 1861
Project Year 2011
City & State Ellicott City, MD
Program Name CATCH Resident
Topic Health Education & Prevention
Program Description
Over the last decade, Baltimore has emerged as a new settlement city for many low-income Latino immigrant families. However, culturally sensitive public health outreach that targets the local Latino population is scarce. Many local healthcare providers struggle to provide adequate health promotion to Spanish-speaking families, and have noticed that many of the commonly observed health and behavior problems among children in this community are exacerbated by limited parenting skills over significant life stresses and a lack of social network or extended family support. Meanwhile, local opportunities for support and education on effective basic parenting skills are limited. The above context and need has inspired the formation of Crianza y Salud" a child health promotion support group for Latino immigrant families in southeast Baltimore. The program aims to enhance collaboration between pediatric residents, mental health specialists, and local Latino organizations in servicing this need. The goals of the program include planning a culturally sensitive child health education program for parents, incorporating relevant parenting support, and finally implementing and evaluating one session to assess the impact of the program. An additional aim of this program is to improve access to health care by bringing providers into the Latino community. "
1. To develop a culturally sensitive, children's health education and promotion outreach program for underserved Spanish-speaking Latino families in southeastern Baltimore.
2. To incorporate culturally sensitive, basic parenting techniques into the program curriculum that are necessary to empower families to promote healthy behaviors for their children.
3. To implement an individual outreach session and obtain feedback from Latino family participants on the effectiveness of the session to teach health promotion and change parental behavior.
AAP District District III
Institutional Name Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Ctr Children's Medical Practice, 4940 Eastern Ave, Baltimore, MD 21224
Contact 1 Marissa DeFreitas
Contact 2
ID 12