Title CATCH Us: Sickle Kids Moving On
AAP Grant ID 1996
Project Year 2012
City & State Georgetown, SC
Program Name CATCH Planning
Topic Transitions
Program Description
Children with Sickle Cell Disease (SCD) face major transition problems. Our project will identify transition needs and barriers faced by these children. Our completed transition literature search and extensive SCA experience will be presented to our project committee of stakeholders that broadly represents providers and clients. The committee will be selected to compliment the transition barriers known in the literature and will include consumers, health care providers, experts from the fields of psychology, education, social service, insurance, vocational training, pastoral services, and business community representatives. The committee will craft and assist in the completion of a client needs survey that identifies needed services that are required for a successful transition to adult life. Focus groups will be convened to test services proposed by the literature search, committee, and in the needs survey. These services will be offered through organization of a SCD Transition Clinic supported by community providers and regional consultants. An individual service and treatment plan will be crafted for each client enrolled in the clinic. This plan will be based on an admission application completed by the client and his caregivers. Specific remedies will be crafted to address barriers (e. g. transportation, education, vocational training, medical issues, developmental lags, psycho-social well being, funding, etc). This service plan will have time sensitive goals and objectives that will need to be met. A Transition Readiness Score sheet will be crafted and kept for each client to assess when the graduation from the Transition Clinic can safely occur.
1. Identify interested, involved, committed providers, clients, and stakeholders who will increase their knowledge about the importance of transitioning SCA children into the adult world.
2. Specify the problems and barriers of transitioning that are unique both to SCA and Georgetown County.
3. Craft bypass and remediation strategies that are practical and achievable in our community.
AAP District District IV
Institutional Name Georgetown Pediatric Center, 57 Jessamine Avenue
Contact 1 Paul Hletko
Contact 2 Sarah Mennito
ID 120