Title Former Foster Youth Health Care Needs
AAP Grant ID 1998
Project Year 2012
City & State Seattle, WA
Program Name CATCH Resident
Topic Foster Care
Program Description
Foster youth who transition to adulthood are more likely to face challenges than their peers across a range of domains. As these youth are emancipated, they age out of their support systems and services. Former foster youth are at increased risk of under/unemployment and low educational attainment, involvement in the criminal justice system, homelessness, mental health and substance use disorders, sexually transmitted infections, and early pregnancy.(1) The purpose of this needs assessment project is to increase access to needed health services, connect these youth to a medical home, and better understand ways to improve their functional outcomes as they transition to adulthood. Focus groups of former foster youth will help create a survey to gather information to identify their health needs, assess if these needs are being met, and identify barriers to accessing services. The survey will also determine if these youth had a medical home prior to emancipation and if they currently have a medical home. Information gathered from this project will be used to improve access to needed health services, advocate for policies that support this underserved community, and potentially determine if youth who had a medical home prior to emancipation correlates with better outcomes through their transition.
1. Organize and work with focus groups consisting of former foster care youth to create a needs assessment survey.
2. Assess health needs of former foster youth in King County.
3. Assess access barriers to needed services of former foster youth in King County.
AAP District District VIII
Institutional Name YMCA Young Adult Services, 2100 24th Ave S, Suite 250
Contact 1 Jennifer Rosenthal
Contact 2
ID 122