Title Medical Home for Neonates
AAP Grant ID 2006
Project Year 2012
City & State Oklahoma, OK
Program Name CATCH Planning
Topic Access/Barriers to Health Care (LHI)
Program Description
This planning grant proposes a collaborative program between neonatologists, families, and community physicians during the patient’s hospitalization, at discharge and after discharge. The program will include assessment of the needs of pediatricians, the availability of local resources, and the planning of an identification, referral and follow up system. The development of a state-wide physician collaboration would support community caregivers to provide optimal care for preterm and fragile infants through increased understanding of medical issues and treatment as well as family and community strengths.
1. To collect all data about our communities: Number of infants seen by our Primary care Pediatricians and other Providers (per physician), access to care, ethnic variability, what was covered in follow up, the immunization rate, available resources, perceived needs etc
2. To design a Tool-Kit including questionnaires (pre and post planning) to be used to survey our Primary Care Physicians of our several communities of western 2/3rds of Oklahoma
3. To explore and plan avenues of improving communication channels between PCPs, the discharging Neonatal team and the Families
AAP District District VII
Institutional Name Oklahoma Medical Center, 1200 Everett drive, Oklahoma City, OK 73104
Contact 1 Rajagopal Nandyal
Contact 2 Eleanor Hutson
ID 127