Title Sports Physicals, not the Medical Home
AAP Grant ID 2000
Project Year 2012
City & State Cleveland , OH
Program Name CATCH Planning
Topic Medical Home
Program Description
The fourth edition of the Preparticipation Physical Evaluation (PPE) monograph strongly recommends that the PPE be performed in the primary care provider's office. However, many children have their Pre-participation Physical Examination performed by attending mass physicals in the community. These children are much less likely to obtain or return to a medical home. The objective of this grant is to increase the access of children to a medical home by identifying children who attend station-based mass school physicals and determining why they are not going to a regular doctor for their yearly physical. Broad-based community partnerships with schools and athletic trainer associations will be developed to identify sites offering mass physicals. A survey will be developed to determine the barriers of access to a medical home, based on four domains: time, convenience, health insurance status, and family finances. Once the barriers are identified a system can be developed to link children who attend mass physicals with a permanent medical home.
1. To identify children who attend station-based mass school sports physicals, rather than a yearly health supervision visit at a pediatrician's office, or medical home.
2. To identify barriers why children without medical homes who attend school-based sports physicals are not going to a regular doctor for their yearly physical.
3. To connect the children identified at school-based sports physicals without a medical home or health insurance with a community pediatrician for their medical care and with available health insurance programs
AAP District District V
Institutional Name Cleveland Clinic 9500 Euclid Ave
Contact 1 Richard So
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ID 129