Title Medical Home for Foster Care Children
AAP Grant ID 2003
Project Year 2012
City & State Cincinnati, OH
Program Name CATCH Planning
Topic Foster Care
Program Description
Foster Care children are an underserved group who are at-risk for increased medical, mental health, developmental, and behavioral problems. Under-recognition and under-treatment of these problems results in lasting and devastating effects, including poor adult medical and mental health and a continued cycle of abuse and neglect. This proposal is for planning funds to design a new comprehensive care clinic at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center which will serve as a medical home for children in foster care in Hamilton County. Funds will be used to create a multidisciplinary task force to identify the needs of foster care children in Cincinnati and as well as the services already in place provided by community agencies. Focus groups will help us to understand the landscape of our community which will allow us to examine and evaluate other programs in the country. Areas of study will include medical evaluation and chronic illness management, mental health evaluation and management, behavioral health (including foster parent training), dental care, and education. Our goal will be to create a sustainable but optimized experience for children in foster care which maximizes community collaboration. There will be clear outcome measures, including increased medical diagnosis and follow-up, decreased emergency room usage, increased foster care parent and child satisfaction, decreased foster care placements, and increased foster care high school graduation rates.
1. Identify the unique needs of foster care children in Hamilton County.
2. Create a community vision for the comprehensive foster care clinic.
3. Evaluate foster care clinics across the nation to contribute towards our vision.
AAP District District V
Institutional Name Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center
Contact 1 Mary Greiner
Contact 2
ID 132