Title Creating Medical Homes for Homeless Kids
AAP Grant ID 1863
Project Year 2011
City & State Roxbury, MA
Program Name CATCH Planning
Topic Health Disparities
Program Description
Homeless children are at increased risk for chronic illness, nutritional deficits, and mental illness. Traditional medical services often do not provide the extra support that homeless families need in order to access care. We will identify specific barriers to access, and use the information to develop a comprehensive care model for a medical and dental home that is sensitive to the needs of homeless families. We will develop a survey questionnaire to identify factors that prevent families in shelters access health care services a second survey questionnaire for shelter staff to better understand what access barriers that they identify. Both questionnaires will provide the framework for structured one-on-one interviews with shelter staff and residents. We will conduct these structured interviews with 15-20 families in two shelters in Boston -- the Mary Eliza Mahoney House on the Dimock campus in Roxbury, and another shelter. Based on the responses, we will invite parents of children in these shelters to participate in 1-2 needs assessment focus groups. Our long term goal is to make it easier for homeless children to receive routine medical and dental care as well as acute care in a medical/dental home, rather than through episodic visits to ERs.
1. To identify barriers to access to health care that homeless children and families encounter, from the perspectives of shelter residents and shelter staff.
2. To develop linkages with area social service agencies and other non-profit groups who work with homeless families to improve access to health care.
AAP District District I
Institutional Name Dimock Community Health Center, 55 Dimock Street, Roxbury, MA 02119
Contact 1 Nandini Sengupta
Contact 2
ID 14