Title Safety for Special Kids
AAP Grant ID 1865
Project Year 2011
City & State Pittsburgh, PA
Program Name CATCH Resident
Topic Injury & Violence (LHI)
Program Description
Unintentional injury is the leading cause of morbidity and mortality in children. Children with special needs are far more likely to sustain unintentional injury and also suffer greater morbidity per injury. However, there is little organized effort to provide injury prevention services to children with special needs. The Safety for Special Kids Project" is a new initiative aimed to obviate the lack of access to education, counseling, supports and products to improve the safety of children with special needs. We will focus primarily on unintentional injury prevention for children with disability in mobility, vision, hearing, cognition, or behavior (predominantly impulsivity). It will involve a strong partnership with the Kohl's Safety Center and the Medical Home project at the Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh through a broad, collaborative, family-centered approach. It will include the development of a multidisciplinary advisory group to the Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh to review, discuss and promote issues of safety for children with special needs. The project will also involve developing education materials specific to this population. "
1. Outreach to and serve the safety needs of 300 families with children with special health needs at the Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh Hospital and Clinics within 1 year. (Currently the Safety Center serves approximately 600 families a year, so our initial goal is half that ammount)
2. Establish an advisory group consisting of faculty, staff and parents from varied disciplines to research, advise and critique the efforts of the Safety Center to promote injury prevention in children with special needs. This will include sustaining a wide group of collaborators in our effort.
3. Develop a 5 page, evidence-based adjunct to the existing Safety Handbook detailing pertinent information of injury risk for children with special needs, basic recommendations to prevent injury, product recommendations and further resources for education, that will be disseminated to families.
AAP District District III
Institutional Name Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh, 4401 Penn Ave, Pitsburgh, PA 15224
Contact 1 Nasuh Malas
Contact 2
ID 16