Title Crisis Nursery in Pittsburgh: A Possibility?
AAP Grant ID 1866
Project Year 2011
City & State Pittsburgh, PA
Program Name CATCH Resident
Topic Child Abuse & Neglect
Program Description
The purpose of this project is to gather information and community support for the initiation of a crisis nursery in Pittsburgh. Crisis nurseries serve as respite childcare for children whose families are experiencing difficulties. They are open at all hours with the purpose of averting abuse and neglect to the child. Crisis nurseries are present in many cities in the US, including Minneapolis and St. Louis. Our goal is to assess the need for a crisis nursery in Pittsburgh. We will use this project to optimize an existing survey, and to administer it to community parents in the neighborhoods of Lincoln-Lemington-Belmar (LLB) and East Liberty, both high need areas in Pittsburgh. We will also assess the perceived needs from a provider perspective, by designing and administering a survey to health care providers, teachers, and social service providers. We also plan to assess need, acceptance, and feasibility through focus group discussions with community members and leaders. We will then be able to answer if a crisis nursery is needed in our Lincoln-Lemington-Belmar and East Liberty neighborhoods?
1. Improve existing survey to parents and create needs assessment survey for providers; administer surveys to parents in and agencies serving LLB and East Liberty, analyze data.
2. Convene focus groups that are representative to the neighborhoods including: parents, health care providers, social service providers, religious leaders, and community leaders, to assess community interest and support for a crisis nursery.
3. Investigate whether such a center could serve as a hub for other services such as violence prevention, referrals to mental health programs, parenting programs, and access to primary care.
AAP District District III
Institutional Name Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC, 4401 Penn Ave, Pittsburgh PA 15224-1334
Contact 1 Lieu Tran
Contact 2 Danielle Wendel
ID 17