Title School Based Health Center - Clark Middle School
AAP Grant ID 1872
Project Year 2011
City & State Anchorage, AK
Program Name CATCH Planning
Topic Adolescent Health
Program Description
Our goal is to establish a school based health center in a middle school in Anchorage, Alaska and ensure its long term financial sustainability. This type of program has not previously been done in Anchorage. The only current school based clinics in the state are in Juneau (initiated with the help of a Healthy Tomorrows Grant) and Sitka.

Anchorage is the largest population center in Alaska, and has a single school district (ASD)with approximately 50,000 students. Clark is the middle school with the highest proportion of at risk youth with a diverse ethnicity and a large number of recent immigrants to Alaska. These youth, particularly the latter group, have significant barriers to health care which we hope to address by placing a clinic in the school. The community is engaged and supportive, the ASD board has given approval for development of a clinic, which must be independent fiscally from the ASD school budget.

1. Determine responsibilities of key parties (health care providers, SBHC staff, fiscal agent) necessary to begin 3rd party billing in Fall 2011
2. Develop policies and procedures to govern SBHC 3rd party billing
3. Develop community outreach plan to share information about SBHC billing
AAP District District VIII
Institutional Name Clark Middle School, Anchorage School District, 150 Bragaw St ,Anchorage, AK, 99508
Contact 1 W Lyon
Contact 2
ID 23