Title Health Care Access for Asian Refugees
AAP Grant ID 1875
Project Year 2011
City & State Oakland, CA
Program Name CATCH Planning
Topic Access/Barriers to Health Care (LHI)
Program Description
Many smaller Asian refugee groups, such as the Burmese and Bhutanese/Nepalese, are now arriving in our community in East Oakland, and this project will assess to what degree they are able to access timely and quality primary, emergency, and hospital care with appropriate interpretation. The intention is to learn and document what barriers they are facing in accessing care (eg, lack of health insurance, language barriers, transportation, ability to fill medications at pharmacies, etc) by conducting a needs/asset assessment for some of the small, recently arriving Asian refugee communities, focusing on the Burmese and Bhutanese/Nepalese. In the process of collecting data, we will engage in coalition building and planning meetings with other nonprofits serving these emerging communities, and start building the relational and referral networks that would allow effective outreach and service to these emerging communities in the future.
1. Compiling existing needs assessment data for Burmese, Bhutanese/Nepalese, and other emerging Asian communities. Identifying gaps in data, and as needed, planning additional needs assessment activities to fill those informational needs (eg, focus groups, surveys, community events where surveys can be administered). My particular focus would be studying access to culturally and linguistically appropriate and geographically accessible health care.
2. Creating resource/asset maps for the Burmese, Bhutanese/Nepalese, and Asian immigrant/refugee community
3. Identifying families/children needing a medical home and/or help with insurance problems
AAP District District IX
Institutional Name Frank Kiang Medical Center, 250 E 18th St, Oakland CA 94606
Contact 1 Joan Jeung
Contact 2
ID 26