Title Supporting Parents of Post-NICU Infants
AAP Grant ID 1876
Project Year 2011
City & State New Brunswick, NJ
Program Name CATCH Resident
Topic Access/Barriers to Health Care (LHI)
Program Description
Neonatal intensive care (NICU) is one of the most expensive forms of hospital care. Yet follow up care post-NICU has been fragmented and can be complex. The impact on parents is significant. Within the first year, very low birth weight infants are 4 times more likely to be re-hospitalized, their post neonatal death rate is 5 times greater. Socio-economically, a higher proportion of premature infants are born to poor young mothers with meager resources to provide adequate care after discharge. Significantly, there is increased risk of infection and associated failure to thrive, child abuse and parental feelings of inadequacy. It has been shown in studies that these parents can benefit from emotional support and guidance from families that have been through the same experience. Our population at Saint Peter's University Hospital NICU is culturally diverse and requires a culturally effective approach. We plan to create a support system for parents including teenage mothers after discharge from NICU which is culturally appropriate that will provide parents of NICU graduates with emotional support to cope with the transition and guidance on how to access special care services and health insurance, and ensure establishment of an appropriate medical home.
1. Conduct a needs assessment with parents of infants admitted to the Saint Peter's University Hospital NICU and/or their health care providers and assess barriers to health care system in the community and use this information to promote improvement of discharge plans for the premature infants born in New Brunswick. 2. Encourage links between parents and community organizations, financial counselors, and insurance providers as a form of emotional and informative support to help improve access to resources and care. 3. Collaborate with quality community pediatricians and establish strong medical homes for these premature infants/NICU graduates.
AAP District District III
Institutional Name Saint Peter's University Hospital, 254 Easton Avenue, New Brunswick, NJ 08901
Contact 1 Birju Shah
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