Title Fit Kids, Fit Families, Fit Communities
AAP Grant ID 1883
Project Year 2011
City & State Georgetown, TX
Program Name CATCH Planning
Topic Physical Activity (LHI)
Program Description
The purpose is to plan a progressive community-wide project to prevent obesity and treat overweight children in the Austin, Texas community by increasing physical activity and improving physical fitness. The project will begin with a development team (pediatrician, nutritionist, child fitness specialist and behavioral specialist)serving as the core of the advisory board, which will also include recruited community leaders. The advisory board will assist a school community of lower socioeconomic status with a predominately Hispanic student population to begin building a community fitness coalition. Focus group needs assessment meetings with school-aged children, parents, and school personnel will assess the physical fitness needs of the children in the school and local community. The focus of the discussions will be the participants' value of fitness and views concerning personal and community resources and needs, and value of and needs concerning fitness assessment. Additionally, a questionnaire will be developed as a needs-assessment of 100 local pediatricians and 25 community stakeholders, eliciting their views on the fitness needs of children in the Austin community and needs concerning fitness evaluation, family fitness and health assistance and interventions needed in the community and clinical setting.
1. Identify the physical fitness needs of children and families in the targeted community
2. Facilitate the development of a community coalition to address fitness needs in the community and champion the promotion of fitness
3. Improve access to insurance coverage and a medical home for the children in the targeted community.
AAP District District VII
Institutional Name The University of Texas at Austin, 1 University Station, Austin, TX 78712
Contact 1 Paula Price
Contact 2
ID 34