Title MotivateMe - Motivational Interviews to Address Obesity
AAP Grant ID 1885
Project Year 2011
City & State San Francisco, CA
Program Name CATCH Resident
Topic Overweight & Obesity (LHI)
Program Description
In addition to facing serious physical problems, children suffering from being overweight and obesity also experience significant psychosocial morbidity and socioeconomic disparities. As the obesity epidemic continues, school-based body mass index (BMI) screening has been rising as a policy-level solution for childhood obesity; however, the impact of these measures is unclear. California has measured BMI among 5th, 7th, and 9th graders as part of comprehensive fitness testing (Fitnessgram) since 1999, but student BMI trends have not improved. To address this gap, we would like to develop a school-based intervention and protocol consisting of in-person BMI reporting, motivational interviews to individually tailor healthy lifestyle counseling, and linkages to health insurance, medical homes, and community-based resources (e.g., YMCA, Boys and Girls Clubs) to help prevent obesity-associated adverse outcomes, particularly among underserved populations. All students identified as obese from 2009-2010 school year Fitnessgram testing at George Washington High School in the San Francisco Unified School District will be invited to participate. With the goal to leave a practical intervention for the SFUSD school nurses to use on a regular basis, Ms. Lynda Boyer Chu, school nurse at George Washington High School, will and has been actively involved through all phases of this project.
1. Improve current school-based BMI reporting by using a motivational interviewing approach to help students identified as obese through Fitnessgram testing to make healthier lifestyle changes and achieve a healthier weight status.
2. Link obese students to a medical home and other community resources that may facilitate healthy lifestyle change and weight status
3. Create a sustainable intervention for addressing obesity in the school setting
AAP District District IX
Institutional Name George Washington High School, 600 32nd Ave, San Francisco, CA 94121
Contact 1 Joanna Mimi Choi
Contact 2
ID 36