Title Together Changing Our Story
AAP Grant ID 1887
Project Year 2011
City & State Shiprock, NM
Program Name CATCH Planning
Topic Family Centered Care
Program Description
Our program aims to improve the outcomes for Native American Youth with Diabetes (and thereby Change the Story) by engaging our community and asking families and patients what they believe will help improve self managagement of youth with type 2 diabetes. We believe that there are systemic barriers that currently prevent the health care system to effectively help children with T2 diabetes and their families. Our process will identify health care systems assessment tools, implement family and youth focus groups, invite youth and families of youth with T2 diabetes to join wellness advisory groups, and produce systems change recommendations that reflect the results of steps one through four. The assessment tools and focus groups will be framed around elements that promote Family Centered Care: effective access to care, effective communication, and effective care coordination. These elements will be considered from the perspective of promoting cultural competence and empowering the development of a Medical Home. An initial focus on Family Centered Care will create a starting point towards developing a true medical home. The target community will be recruited from participating families in the Navajo SEARCH for Diabetes in Youth Study.
1. To understand why youth with diabetes and their families are not accessing existing health care services.
2. To develop a proposal and 5 year action plan that provides a roadmap for creating family-centered systems of care.
AAP District District VIII
Institutional Name Northern Navajo Medical Center, PO Box 160, Highway 491 North, Shiprock, NM 87420-0160
Contact 1 Jeffrey Powell
Contact 2 Carmelita Sorrelman
ID 38