Title Asthma in Children: Community Information-Organization Network
AAP Grant ID 1892
Project Year 2011
City & State Miami, FL
Program Name CATCH Planning
Topic Medical Home
Program Description
The South Florida Asthma Consortium Planning Group of pediatricians and other healthcare providers to underserved children, researchers, school staff, and community members, seeks to assess the scope of, and plan a response to, asthma in underserved communities in Miami/Dade through needs-assessment and case-finding. We will integrate this activity with ongoing and completed school-based projects to identify and link underserved children to medical homes while estimating asthma prevalence. We plan to: adapt the Harlem Children's Zone (HCZ) comprehensive needs-assessment tools (screening survey) and methodology to identify unmet health needs in an urban and a rural Miami/Dade neighborhood and engage community members in asthma identification. Based on our findings, we will draft an ACCION Plan to be revised and used by consortium and community partners, stake-holders, and healthcare providers to design, implement, and evaluate community-based programs to reduce impact of childhood asthma.
1. Obtain a reliable estimate of prevalence of asthma in two very under-served Miami/Dade neighborhoods ,br>2. Link at least 1,000 underserved children, including at least 200 with asthma, to medical homes
3. Produce a South Florida ACCION Plan summarizing baselines and objectives essential to planning childhood asthma community-based responses to childhood asthma in South Florida underserved communities and promotion of increased use of pediatric services
AAP District District X
Institutional Name Health Choice Network, 9064 NW 13th Terrace, Miami, FL
Contact 1 Consuelo Beck-Sague
Contact 2 Erick Forno
ID 43