Title Health and Fitness To Go
AAP Grant ID 1897
Project Year 2011
City & State Bloomfield Hills, MI
Program Name CATCH Resident
Topic Health Education & Prevention
Program Description
Health and Fitness To Go is an innovative project aimed at providing City of Detroit elementary and middle school teachers with ready-to-use resources on obesity education. Through a newly-developed website, teachers can access pre-made age-specific lesson plans about nutrition, health, exercise, screen time, etc. The website will also have a child and family-friendly section that will feature an interactive obesity prevention resource finder; through zipcode mapping, the website will identify nearby gyms, grocery stores, museums, activity centers, and parks. To improve access, Health and Fitness To Go will also be available on CD-ROM and paper versions.
1. Enable teachers to easily access health and fitness resources for classroom education.
2. Enable children and families to easily locate health and fitness resouces in their community.
3. Partner with community organizations to distribute resources.
AAP District District V
Institutional Name Children's Hospital of Michigan 3901 Beaubien Rd
Contact 1 Pamella Abghari, MD
Contact 2
ID 48