Title Supplemental Anticipatory Guidance Education (SAGE)
AAP Grant ID 1902
Project Year 2011
City & State Wilmington, DE
Program Name CATCH Resident
Topic Urban Health
Program Description
Anticipatory guidance is very important, but as national surveys (MA Schuster 2000, N Halfon 2002) have shown, pediatricians do not have time to review all recommended topics with parents. Even when the highlights are hit, parents may not remember. We propose to plan bimonthly classes to educate parents in the community to fill the gaps in anticipatory guidance. We plan to survey the parents on the six anticipatory guidance topics: car safety, firearm safety, smoking, healthy weight, physical activity, and nutrition. We will use the results to reveal which topics the parents are most uninformed about so that we can plan classes around them. In addition, we will survey the parents on their learning styles to determine the most effective way to conduct the classes. We will also plan a system to notify the children's medical homes if the classes reveal any potential issues that need to be addressed with their pediatrician. We will also connect the children to a medical home if they do not already have one. The classes will be advertised at local homeless shelters where children are at risk for poorer health outcomes and poor access to medical care.
1. Survey parents through questionnaires and focus groups to find out which anticipatory guidance topics they feel least informed about and also to find out their learning styles. 2. Plan 20-minute classes on the 3 anticipatory guidance topics on which parents are least informed, according to the initial assessment. 3. Develop a system for communicating with local medical homes (fax versus email versus telephone) to notify pediatricians on any concerns that are revealed during classes and conversations with the parents.
AAP District District III
Institutional Name Salvation Army, 400 North Orange Street, Wilmington, DE 19801
Contact 1 Joannie Yeh
Contact 2 Puneet Tung
ID 53