Title Helping Kids Stay Connected
AAP Grant ID 1908
Project Year 2011
City & State Bedford, NH
Program Name CATCH Implementation
Topic Mental Health (LHI)
Program Description
This CATCH Implementation Funds program grant will support a project that reaches out to local enrichment programs, such as the Boys and Girls Club, the YWCA, the Salvation Army-Kids Cafe, the YMCA, PALS (Police Athletic League), and Girls Inc. to assess behavioral and mental health needs of the children and young adults who attend their programs. A special emphasis will be given to those who are at risk for being kicked out" of these programs. Many families and children in Manchester, NH, do not understand the benefits or even the possibilities of having mental health issues addressed in a medical home. The agencies involved will then have access to child health services and a co-located psychologist for consultations regarding these challenging members. Data collected regarding those identified will include whether or not they are connected to a medical home. When the child or young adult and family is already connected to a medical home, they will be guided about how to use that system to access appropriate mental health and family support services. When a medical home does not exist the child or young adult and family will be assisted in finding an appropriate medical home."
1. Identify internal and external barriers for children, adolescents, and their families to accessing behavioral and mental health services, develop care plans that reduce those barriers and share findings with our community collaborators. 2. Improve the understanding of the benefits of behavioral and mental health services amongst our target population; particularly among refugees and immigrants. 3. Assist families who have children or adolescents with behavioral and mental health issues connect with a medical home to assess more comprehensive, cohesive and coordinated mental health services.
AAP District District I
Institutional Name Child Health Services 1245 Elm Street Manchester, NH 03101
Contact 1 Lisa DiBrigida, MD
Contact 2 Katy Burchett, MSW, LICSW
ID 59