Title Expansion of Oral Health Services to the West Side of Chicago
AAP Grant ID 1855
Project Year 2011
City & State Chicago, IL
Program Name Healthy Tomorrows
Topic Oral/Dental Health
Program Description
Erie Family Health Center will expand its award-winning oral health program to include a second oral health site, Erie Dental Health Center – Humboldt Park, that will target low-income, largely Latino children and pregnant women on Chicago’s near West Side. The program will address the lack of access to affordable and culturally competent oral health care, and the resulting oral health disparities experienced by low-income Latino children and pregnant women. Erie will utilize a tri-fold strategy to prevent oral health disparities among low-income Latino children and pregnant women: 1) direct patient care; 2) anticipatory guidance at medical visits; and 3) oral health education in the medical and community settings.
The goals of the project are to: 1) Increase access to preventive and comprehensive oral health services for children and pregnant women; 2) Provide children and pregnant women with preventive services; 3) Provide age-appropriate anticipatory guidance; 4) Provide oral health outreach and education in the community; 5) Improve the oral health status of children and pregnant women; and 6) Be overseen by the Oral Health Advisory Council to provide guidance for program outcomes, financial management, and policies for the oral health program.
AAP District District VI
Institutional Name Erie Family Health Center, Inc.
Contact 1 Lee Francis, MD, MPH
Contact 2 Stephanie Willding
ID 6