Title Siblings Groups for Families of Autism
AAP Grant ID 1909
Project Year 2011
City & State New York, NY
Program Name CATCH Resident
Topic Autism Spectrum Disorders
Program Description
It is estimated that 1 in 110 children are diagnosed with an ASD (autism spectrum disorder). The psychosocial development of the siblings of these children is often not addressed by parents or professionals given the burden and stress of having a child with an ASD. Because siblings have such a strong influence on the lives of their brothers and sisters and often assume a caregiver role as adults, it is important that they develop coping mechanisms and social supports to deal with potential stressful situations. This proposal seeks to address the needs of these siblings from an underserved community through creating a sibling support group for children. The goals are to provide an environment for children to understand their siblings' illness, explore their feelings, and meet peers with similar challenges and needs. Once the curriculum is formalized and our community partnerships are well developed, the project will be included in the community pediatrics residency training curriculum to raise awareness to future physicians of the impact of chronic illnesses on other family members. In addition, the program will be able to be adapted to meet the needs of siblings of children with other chronic illnesses and/or special health care needs.
1. Create and implement a curriculum for a sibling support group for families of autism spectrum disorders
2. Evaluate the feasibility and success of our project design
3. Establish a sustainable program which can serve as a model for siblings of chronic illnesses and/or special health care needs within the Washington Heights community
AAP District District II
Institutional Name Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital of New York - Presbyterian Hospital Columbia University Medical C
Contact 1 Elaine Lin
Contact 2
ID 60