Title First Dental Screening By Age One!
AAP Grant ID 1911
Project Year 2011
City & State San Francisco, CA
Program Name CATCH Implementation
Topic Oral/Dental Health
Program Description
This pilot project will provide preventive dental education, screening, and fluoride varnish for young children (0 to 3 years) in a medical setting. Dental caries is the most chronic childhood disease, and although often not yet visible, dental decay begins at a very young age and can already be severe by the age of 2 or 3. In order to obviate the need for restorative dental treatment later, and to bring families into the dental system in a comfortable environment, we are targeting children at the age of one, in their own pediatrician's office. The program will be piloted at Mission Neighborhood Health Clinic, a community health clinic that caters to many of San Francisco's low-income minority and immigrant populations, both families and children. We will recruit and coordinate staffing of volunteer hygienists and dentists once a month to perform dental screenings, apply fluoride varnish in the clinic, and distribute dental supplies and education. In addition, an Americorps worker will provide case management afterwards and make sure that the child becomes linked to a dental home.
1. Begin holding oral health clinics once a month and routinely referring all moderate to high risk children ages 0 to 3 within our medical clinic.
2. Have each parent participate in the oral health education part of the dental screening.
3. Follow up with every patient seen and ensure they are able to find a dental home and make an appointment.
AAP District District IX
Institutional Name Mission Neighborhood Health Center 240 Shotwell St., San Francisco, CA 94110
Contact 1 Jaime Ruiz, MD
Contact 2 Julia Greenwood
ID 62