Title Improving Health Literacy For Local Bhutanese
AAP Grant ID 1913
Project Year 2011
City & State Middleton, WI
Program Name CATCH Resident
Topic Access/Barriers to Health Care (LHI)
Program Description
Madison has long been a home for refugees from all over the world. After meeting with members of Lutheran Social Services and public health nurses, we have identified a critical need for basic health education, specifically within a group of recently immigrated Bhutanese refugees who have had difficulty establishing medical homes due to basic health literacy challenges. It is our goal to continue to investigate the needs of Bhutanese by hosting focus groups and educational work-shops to gain insight through the perspective of the Bhutanese. Currently, our knowledge of the local Bhutanese culture and their barriers to care is limited. Over the next several months we plan to host workshops focused on basic life skills. As these needs are identified and fulfilled through this educational intervention, it is our hope that we will be able to identify local leaders to build independence for this expanding population. One of the main goals of this project will be to formulate materials to provide anticipatory guidance drawn from Bright Futures for this unique population. Although we will focus initially on the specific needs of the Bhutanese, we hope this will serve as a template to assist future refugees.
1. Obtain demographics of the Bhutanese Population in Madison, WI. Identify the needs of the Bhutanese in Madison, WI. Identify barriers to care from the perspective of the Bhutanese.
2. Increase knowledge of everyday health related skills. Provide education about home and environmental safety. Increase health literacy. Improve ability to carry out health literacy related tasks including filling a prescription, taking a temperature, baby-proofing a home, etc.
3. Lessen the burden on the identified medical home. Facilitate the integration of the Bhutanese into the existing medical community. Facilitate community contacts within the Bhutanese community to the Dane County medical system.
AAP District District VI
Institutional Name UW Madison Pediatrics, 600 Highland Ave, Madison WI 53792-0001
Contact 1 Leslie Riopel
Contact 2 Matthew Szadkowski
ID 64