Title UVA Children's Project Fit Kids!
AAP Grant ID 1917
Project Year 2011
City & State Charlottesville, VA
Program Name CATCH Resident
Topic Overweight & Obesity (LHI)
Program Description
Obesity is undoubtedly a growing epidemic. Although pediatricians have been on high alert for identifying children who are obese, obesity itself is seldom the chief complaint for an office visit, meaning time to address this important issue is sparse. Moreover, obesity is an issue that extends beyond the individual patient, and is as complex as it is time-intensive. We feel that the time allotted for well visits and the year-long interval at which they are scheduled are obstacles to achieving health changes in these individuals. We propose that increased listing of obesity as a visit diagnosis will help identify these at-risk children for more frequent primary care visits, thereby designating time to focus on these health issues specifically. Such a visit would serve to educate the patient and family and collaboratively establish goals for lifestyle changes. In addition we can improve utilization of community resources like the Pediatric Fitness Clinic, and provide contacts for family-centered programs. Partnering with schools will allow us to suggest healthy menu ideas and promote local and national fitness programs, effecting change where kids spend much of their time. The bottom line is to develop a medical home -- through united community efforts -- for children with obesity.
1. Increase resource utilization including use of electronic medical records to identify patients that are obese or overweight and prompt for close follow-up, ensure proper laboratory screening, provide handouts for healthy lifestyle tips to families, and increase referrals and participation with the community's Pediatric Fitness Clinic (KCRC).
2. Increase resources available in schools, which includes providing information by handout concerning BMIs and healthy lifestyle tips that are specific to the age population and working to increase exercise opportunities during and after school, which may utilize national programs such as the NFL's Play 60 and First Lady Obama's initiative Let's Move! (
3. Increase resources available to families with children who are obese or overweight to strengthen the medical home; this could include developing a partnership with the UVA Family Medicine and/or Internal Medicine Primary Care Clinics to help reach affected family members, pairing with the Charlottesville Health Department to help distribute information, and seeking community initiatives to support the health of families as a whole.
AAP District District IV
Institutional Name University of Virginia Children's Hospital, 1215 Lee St, Charlottesville, VA 22908
Contact 1 Stephanie Grice, MD
Contact 2
ID 68