FASD Webinar Series


The American Academy of Pediatrics hosted a webinar series in 2014 and 2017 focused on Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders. This page features webinar recordings and pre/post-training evaluation surveys for the 2017 webinars, which we encourage webinar viewers to take.

2017 Webinar Series​​

​2014 W​ebinar Series

    Myths, Media, and the Medical Home

    The Myths, Media and the Medical Home session highlights common media misconceptions about alcohol use during pregnancy, provides a clinical overview of fetal alcohol spectrum disorders, and most importantly discusses the role of medical home providers in identifying and managing children with FASDs.

    FASDs - Myths, Media, and Medical Home - 07/16/2014 (video)​​

    Detection, Discovery, and Diagnosis

    The Detection, Discovery and Diagnosis session delineates the signs and symptoms that may indicate prenatal alcohol exposure and a possible condition along the continuum of FASDs. An algorithm for evaluation of FASDs is introduced and discussed as a tool for diagnosis and referral in primary care. Information about various diagnostic tools is shared.

    FASDs Detection, Discovery, and Diagnosis - 07/28/2014 (video)​

    Roles, Referrals, and Reimbursement

    The roles, referrals and reimbursement session provides primary care clinicians with the tools they need to work with families and children with have or may have an FASDs. Dr Wargowski identifies the appropriate professionals needed to build and FASD team and discuss options for community based resources for referral and treatment. Billing, coding and reimbursement are discussed.

    FASDs - Roles, Referrals, and Reimbursement - 08/13/2014 (video)​

    Communication, Care Coordination, and Co-Management

    The communication, care coordination and co-management session confirms the importance of a medical home and its role in working with patients and families. Drs Matthias and Chasnoff review the development of comprehensive care plans and present several case studies to demonstrate different approaches to care coordination and co-management.

    FASDs - Communication, Care Coordination, and Co Management - 08/27/2014 (video)​​

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