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Program/Project Name Foster Care Program
Affiliation Name Holyoke Health Center
Website URL
Model Type Medical Home
City Holyoke
State MA
State specific location
How is program/project funded? Health Insurance
Describe how it's funded
What services does it provide Entry to care health assessment, Comprehensive health assessment, Standardize screening (developmental, mental health), In-clinic mental health evaluation, Ongoing primary care/medical home
Where does it provide services Locally-based
Description of program/project
How are patients tracked? Commercial electronic medical record, Specialized database for your program
Provide special focus
Program/Project strengths
Program/Project challenges

​I am experiencing extreme challanges with DCF not bringing children back for follow up or bringng them with adults who do not kow the child

Contact Name Lucy Garbus
Email Address
Phone Number 413-320-5649