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Program/Project Name Penobscot Pediatrics
Affiliation Name Penobscot Community Health Center
Website URL
Model Type Evaluation
City Bangor Region
State ME
State specific location General Pediatric office in Federally Qualified Health Center
How is program/project funded? Health Insurance
Describe how it's funded

Patients are billed through Mainecare.

What services does it provide Entry to care health assessment, Standardize screening (developmental, mental health)
Where does it provide services Locally-based
Description of program/project

Referrals are received from the local DHHS office, which starts the process of gathering appropriate legal paperwork to get old records. We confirm that a 72-hour visit is occurring, and offer that if needed. A psychosocial history is obtained from the social worker about 2 weeks into care. A comprehensive medical assessment is then done by the pediatrician within 30 days. We review all records, then summarize past medical history, update immunizations, perform mental health and developmental screening, hearing and vision screen, thorough history and physical, include plot growth, obtain recommended laboratory work, and make necessary referrals. The office provides care management and medical home services. Well-child care visits are continued if desired.


How are patients tracked? Commercial electronic medical record, Specialized database for your program
Provide special focus No special focus
Program/Project strengths

We have created a system with local DHHS office to get referrals in timely fashion, and get old records prior to the comprehensive visit. We have electronic medical record, and are able to get copies of records to PCP if medical home is elsewhere. We have designated staff to communicate with other professionals and offices. A copy of all medical information is given to caseworker. 

Program/Project challenges

At times, it can be difficult to get foster parents, especially kin, to understand the importance of the visit, they feel like it is unnecessary, but once they are here, they find it very valuable. Many caseworkers are difficult to communicate with, but we have several case managers (social workers) and a clinic coordinator who focus on communication.


Contact Name Adrienne Carmack, MD
Email Address
Phone Number 207-947-0147