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​Together, we can empower healthcare workers and improve newborn health outcomes worldwide.

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Be a part of the global effort to end preventable newborn deaths worldwide – register for an upcoming HBS course​ and gain the skills and knowledge necessary to lead HBS courses and neonatal health activities in low-resource environments. ​

Upon completion of an AAP HBS training, you will be linked into a global network of skilled and passionate trainers, and will be among the first to receive important news and developments related to all the HBS programs.  This online network also provides the HBS community with a platform to share best practices, training experience and research related to HBS course planning and implementation.

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You can help us accelerate efforts to ensure all newborns have access to the care they need to survive and thrive by sharing messages, photos and videos on your social media accounts.  Another way to extend our reach is by sharing information about HBS with friends, colleagues, supporters and global health advocates – the more people who get trained in HBS and know about our mission and goals, the better the chance that these life-saving programs will reach communities around the world facing the highest rates of neonatal mortality. 


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Please get in touch​ if you have any questions, need additional information, or are interested in supporting this important work to educate health workers and save newborn lives. 

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Stories From The Field ​are the first-hand accounts of HBS trainers sharing their experiences from around the world. Because each country and situation are unique, these stories offer an inside look into the challenges and rewards of teaching HBS in resource-limited countries.

​Contribute to the newborn health dialogue and promote learning by submitting your own Story from the Field​.

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