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Lessons Learned
Bogoso, GHANA in conjunction w/Ghana Health Services and GoldenStar.  Total of 4 HBB courses, 2 days each, over 2 consecutive weeks. Including Master Training for 6, well mentored now qualified to continue providing trainings.   We had 3 US trainers,  total of ~120 participants, so maintained at least 1:6 ratio for all small group work.
2/27/2018NEPALMichael, Rose, Becky Visick, Ludlow,
2/23/2018NEPALMichael, Rose, Becky Visick, Ludlow,
2/14/2018UNITED STATESJames
Creating and printing the agenda with HBB logo in color.  Printing the certificates in color on special paper. Come early to the location and have the room set up and in order.  This preparation and others communicates to the learners that the class is important and the topic is important. 
2/8/2018LIBERIAGarry, Ken, Erick, Steve Flake, Richardson, Flake,
1/31/2018ZAMBIAGeorge, Kim, Jan, Rick Groberg, Friddle, Call,
1/30/2018ZAMBIAGeorge, Kim, Jan, Rick Groberg, Friddle, Call,
1/29/2018ZAMBIAGeorge, Kim, Jan, Rick Groberg, Friddle, Call,
1/26/2018ZAMBIAGeorge, Kim, Jan, Rick Groberg, Friddle, Call,
1/25/2018ZAMBIAGeorge, Kim, Jan, Rick Groberg, Friddle, Call,
1/24/2018ZAMBIAGeorge, Kim, Jan, Rick Groberg, Friddle, Call,
Integration of TBA-K'iche' speakinf comadrona with Spanish speaking auxiliary nurses as learners and then  a team of 6 as Master Trainers.
TBAS were illiterate in Spanish. Therefore did not take the pre and post tests
after master training also tho training with new teachers for trainees
be flexible, people come late!!
1.  sponsorship by project C.U.R.E. to supply all equipment, to together  with Amigos de Guatemala to finance/support training team to to create
2.  partnership with local NGO ADIZ and Amigos de Guatemala
3. Enthusiastic on-going supervision by local physician
4. follow up teaching/supervision by local physician and health department
5. K'ichii' speaking TBAs / and auxiliary nurses embracing the role of master trainers.
6. long-term vision/goal/plans to train all TBAs and  auxiliary nursing staff in the area
7. TBAs were illiterate in all languages and many only spoke their own language.  That was a super challenge that required creativity on everyone's part. 
conducted training at Hope Hospital Training Center, Cox's Bazar. taught Bangladeshi MW, nurses, +few MDs working in Rohingya refugee camps.  With support of UNFPA
1/5/2018UNITED STATESJames
This course was requested by a group going to serve the Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh. They needed the course taught soon. Because I have taught many courses and could get other instructors to come to help we were able to meet their needs.  Teaching the course regularly helps to keep ones teaching, equipment and organizational skills current.
This course taught at Hope Hospital Training Center, Cox's Bazar, for  MW, nurses, MDs serving Rohingya refugee community
Helping Babies Survive--Helping Babies Breathe
11/30/2017PERUJeff,Flint,Paula Zollinger,Porter,
11/26/2017PERUJeff,Flint,Paula Zollinger,Porter,
11/17/2017UNITED STATESJames
Have a team,  Have your supplies ready. 8 nursing students given the class.
11/16/2017UNITED STATESMarilyn Gran-Moravec
Other = nursing students

Working in pairs.  Breastfeeding, physical assessment and importance of temperature assessment and evaluation.
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