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Lessons Learned
8/31/2018UNITED STATESKera
Essential Care for Every Baby
8/28/2018GUATEMALAFrank, Gerry, Spencer, Rachel Bentley, Prince, Stucki,
8/16/2018GHANAIke, James, Daren, Janeva Ferguson, Thomas, Carling,
8/14/2018GHANAIke, James, Daren, Janeva Ferguson, Thomas, Carling,
8/13/2018GHANAIke, James, Daren, Janeva Ferguson, Thomas, Carling,
Trainer Course
I  learnt that mobile applications can be effectively be used to link up trainers to trainees, organise and plan a training and use the same platform to monitor and support HBB implementations at the peripheral health facilities
8/4/2018UNITED STATESJames
We provided a course for three midwives, a nurse and a CNA.  One Midwife is going to northern Iraq to serve the Kurds for three weeks. She leaves 8/10/18. One midwife is going to Bangladesh to serve the Rohingya refugees for three weeks in September, another is going to Uganda in January.  The CNA will be assisting a Master Trainer in Rwanda in September.  The other Nurse wants to helps somewhere.   Again, lots of preparation and plenty of people to help.  We had two instructors and an actor and someone who helped get food and set up.   Planning makes a big difference.
8/4/2018TAJIKISTANGeorge, Shaun Bennett,
We conducted ECEB & ECSB in single day on day-1 (17.07.18) of workshop. This was done to facilitate logistics of participants who came from different cities. It was a long day but all participants accepted it well without loosing interest or showing signs of tiredness. HBB was conducted on day-2 (18.7.2018). We finished at 3.30 p.m. which gave ample time for the participants to travel back to their cities.
Some questions that were raised on day-1 had their answers in day-2 teaching. Therefore, we have decided that in next workshop we shall do HBB and part of ECEB on first day and remaining ECEB and ECSB on day-2.
The trainers believe that the repetition of content in ECEB & ECSB can further be narrowed down and content modified to pass all the info in single combined course. This shall improve timing and make course better manageable and acceptable and easier to disseminate.
7/16/2018UNITED STATESSherri
This was an accelerated Master Trainer course, held among 3 Attending and Fellow neonatologists from Indiana University/Riley Hospital/IU Health.  Two of the participants are currently NRP instructors.  All three participants have prior, or planned, international experience implementing maternal-newborn health programs in low/middle-income regions.  The Master Trainers will engage in mentored training of Pediatric Residents and Global Health students over the next few weeks.  Through these efforts, we are building capacity  for a skilled cadre of HBB Facilitators within Indiana University, to support on-going global health implementation and dissemination efforts in sub-Saharan Africa and Latin/South America.
7/9/2018TOGOMary Jane, Max, Alena, Lori McGregor, Crouch, Steinfeldt,
7/2/2018UNITED STATESKathryn
7/2/2018UNITED STATESKathryn
6/21/2018UNITED STATESMarilyn
6/21/2018ROMANIAGeorge, Ronald, JoAnn Bennett, Stoddard,
6/20/2018ROMANIAGeorge, Ronald, JoAnn Bennett, Stoddard,
6/19/2018ROMANIAGeorge, Ronald, JoAnn Bennett, Stoddard,
6/18/2018ROMANIAGeorge, Ronald, JoAnn Bennett, Stoddard,
6/14/2018PERUJeff, Mark, Jennifer Zollinger, Bitner,
6/11/2018PERUJeff, Mark, Jennifer Zollinger, Bitner,
Held in Solola government health clinic. We taught each course over 2 days and had verbal testing since many were illiterate in spanish. @ additional trainers were   Rosa Coj and Ana.
6/5/2018UNITED STATESLloyd
HBB course taught to medical students and residents at UNLV with interest in faciltating HBB courses globally
5/2/2018RUSSIAGeorge, Larry, Donna, JoAnn Bennett, Warner, Dizon-Townson,
5/2/2018INDONESIAGeorge, Steve, Adele, Sherry Groberg, Kammeyer, Kammeyer,
5/1/2018RUSSIAGeorge, Larry, Donna, JoAnn Bennett, Warner, Dizon-Townson,
5/1/2018UNITED STATESRenate
HBB Master Trainer Course for Physicians to teach HBB in other countries
5/1/2018UNITED STATESFred, Michael, Gregory Langeland, Draper, Smith
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