HBS in the News


HBS in the News

The success of HBS programs is often featured in newspapers, Web articles, blogs, and tweets. Here are some favorites! ​

UBC Faculty of Medicine, December 2019

Dr Arnold and her fellow medical volunteers were faced with the gravity of the situation in southeastern Bangladesh. “It’s well known that the neonatal death rate is very high in these refugee camps, with many of the births occurring without a skilled birth attendant,” Dr Arnold says. “Helping Babies Breathe is specifically designed for resource-limited environments like Cox’s Bazar.”

A feeding cup designed by a Seattle team is a lifesaver
The Seattle Times, June 2016

The NIFTY cup is a reusable feeding cup that will help save the lives of newborns and premature babies who have difficulty breast-feeding. This will be a great accompaniment to the ‎Essential Care for Small Babies program.

Mali: A day in one of our largest paediatric programmes
Doctors Without Borders/ Médecins Sans Frontieres, May 2016

"At 8.30am (three times a week) I go to the labour ward with Dr Yare, where we go over newborn resuscitation with the midwives. We're building on a neonatal resuscitation training programme (Helping Babies Breathe®) that he began with previous MSF paediatricians."

Midwives are heroes
Healthy Newborn Network, May 2016

"With the skills of HBB, I am so confident because it helps many to survive, which wasn't there before. It makes me smile every day." - Eva Nangalo, Midwife and HBB trainer in Uganda

602 Medics trained in reduction of maternal-child deaths
New Vision, April 2016

The impact that the Helping Mothers Survive and Helping Babies Breathe programs have had on improving maternal and newborn survival in Uganda.

How this MGH doctor balances patients at home and medical innovation abroad
Boston Globe, February 2016

Dr. Kristian Olson (an #HBB trainer) discusses his passion for newborn resuscitation and his commitment to accelerating the development affordable medical innovations that can save lives in low resource countries.​

1,000 Days to Save Millions of Lives 
​Huffington Post; June 5, 2013 
Sharon K. D’Agostino Vice President, Corporate Citizenship at Johnson & Johnson  

“Last year I witnessed the impact of the HBB program in Malawi, meeting a baby boy in a remote district hospital who had been resuscitated at birth” 

Helping Bab​ies Breathe Program May Help Save Newborns’ Lives, Studies Find ​
Huffington Post; March 24, 2013

​“That’s the most exciting part, that something very simple can save many, many lives.” (Jeffrey Perlman, MD, FAAP)

Breakthrough for ​Developing World's Babies​
ABC News; January 2013

"Two new studies say training midwives and other birth attendants in breathing techniques for babies may help prevent stillbirths and newborn deaths in the developing world.” ​

Photo: Teaching breathing techniques to carers would save lives in the developing world say studies. (ABC)

Neonatal Death Rate Falls With AA​P Program​ 
MedPage Today; January, 2013 

​"This new program may well be an effective tool to bring infant mortality in the developing world more in line with that achieved in the rest of the world"  (John Kattwinkel, MD, FAAP) 

President Obama Announces US-Burma Partnership fo​r Democracy, Peace & Prosperity​  
USAID Press Office; Monday, November 19, 2012 

​​“USAID is also introducing two public private partnerships: Survive and Thrive and Helping Babies Breathe, which provide evidence-based training and high quality affordable resuscitation devices to save the lives of children who ha​​ve breathing problems during birth – a leading cause of preventable childhood mortality.” 

US Department of Health and Human Services; June 2012

"...HBB is showing that seemingly simple interventions by trained health care providers during the “golden minute”—the first minute after birth—can help newborns survive. The initiative, launched in 2010, is already reducing the number of infant deaths from birth asphyxia and ​is earning recognition from public health and community leaders."

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