Support HBS

​Support HBS

Because we are a grant-funded initiative, we rely on our committed and talented network of partners, trainers, global health leaders and health care providers to help us accelerate the delivery of our life-saving HBS programs to communities and countries that need them most.  ​

Learn how you can support HBS​ and be a part of the global effort to improve neonatal health outcomes

​Donate to HBS through the Friends of Children Fund​

Friends of Children FundHBS is breaking down barriers to ensure that every newborn, everywhere has access to the skilled care they need to survive and thrive, but the cost of this work adds up.  Every donation helps us expand and sustain our efforts to deliver our live-saving programs to areas that need them most. 

You can make a donation to Helping Babies Survive through the Friends of Children Fund (FCF), the charitable fund of the AAP.  With your support, we can speed up progress towards achieving an important global goal:  ending the preventable deaths of newborns worldwide. 

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​Teach HBS in High-Need Areas

Those trained as HBS facilitators are encouraged to actively conduct HBS facilitator and provider courses in resource-constrained areas.  Your training efforts will increase the capacity of health workers to deliver high-quality, skilled care that can save newborn lives.

After conducting a training, please remember to visit our website to Record Your Course. ​If you haven't participated in a training and would like to become certified to teach HBB, ECEB and/or ECSB, please sign-up for one of our Upcoming HBS Courses or contact us at for more information.​

Secure Funding & Spearhead Global HBS Projects

We want all health workers in high-need areas around the world to have access to HBS education and training.  Our network of partners and trainers help us achieve this goal by spearheading high-impact, sustainable HBS and newborn health projects abroad, and they often apply for grants and secure funding from external sources to support their work.

Individuals and organizations are encouraged to seek out national and international funding opportunities in order to implement their own HBS projects in low-resource environments.  This is one of the most effective ways to ensure the HBS programs reach areas facing the highest rates of neonatal mortality.  

We are happy to provide any documentation or information that may be useful for completing a grant application.  For those who receive grant funding to support a project involving HBS-related activities, we request that you send notification to immediately upon learning of the award.  In your email, please be sure to include the name of the grantor and a brief description of your project. 

Collecting this information is critical to the success of HBS, as it allows us to:

  • Evaluate HBS program impact at the local, country and global level, as well as measure our progress towards contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals target of ending preventable deaths of newborns by 2030.

  • Better understand HBS implementation efforts currently underway and the resources required to support these projects and meet country needs now and in the future​​.

  • Maintain an accurate record of country contacts in order to identify opportunities for learning, collaboration and partnerships.

  • Track in-country HBS activities to identify potential training gaps and determine priority areas where future trainings may be needed. 

Translate HBS​ prog​ram materials

Getting the HBS educational materials translated into numerous languages is integral to ensuring facilitators and health care providers around th​​e world have access to the programs and important newborn care information.  All translated materials are hosted on the AAP's International Resource site, and are available for free access and download.  Learn more about the translation process​, and please contact us at if you are interested in using your language skills to help us translate materials into languages not currently available.    ​

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