The National HPV Vaccination Roundtable

​The National HPV Vaccination Roun​​dtable

The HPV Roundtable is a coalition of over 70 public, private, and voluntary organizations and experts dedicated to reducing incidence of and mortality from HPV-associated cancers in the United States, managed by the American Cancer Society. ​

Our Members

Our members are chiefly national organizations that have demonstrated public leadership and commitment to increasing HPV vaccination and decreasing HPV cancers. Organizations are invited to designate one official representative to serve on the HPV Roundtable. Some limited but key member organizations may be regional or state-based. Organizations also may identify "affiliated members," who may serve on task group projects or standing committees.

Our Work

The HPV Roundtable has four key functions:

  • convene stakeholders

  • increase exchange of information

  • identify gaps and opportunities

  • catalyze national efforts​​

We focus on five priority areas: providers, parents, systems, policies, and disparities. The HPV Roundtable leverages the expertise and talents of members to identify evidence-based strategies and develop new, innovative projects that go beyond the limits of individual organizations. Projects must be feasible, collaborative, impactful, and novel.

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