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​Get Involved


There are many ways you can stay informed and get involved in AAP immunization work. ​

Join a List​serv

Consider joining one of the following Listservs. To do so, email with the name of the Listserv(s) you wish to join.

This is a one-way Listserv for AAP staff to send out the Immunization Initiatives Newsletter and other relevant updates.

Community of Immunizers (IZCommunity)
This is a group of about 125 immunizers (mostly pediatricians, but includes physician assistants, nurse practitioners, nurses, medical assistants, and other office staff). The Listserv can be used to communicate with immunizing colleagues, ask questions and share ideas, resources, and successes and includes many immunization experts including some Technical Assistance (TA) experts who can answer questions and share information with the group.

TA experts include:

Dr Graham Barden, III is a board-certified pediatrician at Coastal Children's Clinic. He is a member of the AAP Section on Administration and Practice Management (SOAPM) and the AAP Committee on Practice and Ambulatory Medicine. He is an expert on vaccine storage and handling and has authored many AAP resources on the topic.

Dr Nathan Boonstra is a board-certified practicing general pediatrician at the Blank Children's Hospital in Des Moines, IA. He received his medical degree from the University of Iowa. Dr Boonstra is a member of the AAP Childhood Immunization Support Program Project Advisory Committee and of the Iowa AAP Chapter. Dr Boonstra writes blog articles for his organization (, and has an interest in social media. 

Dr Ken Bromberg is a board-certified pediatric infectious disease specialist at The State University of New York (SUNY) - Downstate. He is the Chapter Immunization Representative for the AAP New York 2 Chapter. He served on the National Leadership Team for the Chapter Quality Network's immunization project, and also served to lead a quality improvement initiative on immunizations through the Childhood Immunization Support Program in 2014.

Dr Sharon Humiston is a professor of pediatrics, University of Missouri-Kansas City and a clinician and researcher in the Division of Emergency and Urgent Care at Children's Mercy in Kansas City, Missouri. She is the Associate Director for Research at the Immunization Action Coalition ( and serves as the PI on several AAP immunization cooperative agreements, a leader on Academic Pediatric Association's National Immunization Partnership for Adolescents, and a member of the Steering Committee of the American Cancer Society's HPV Vaccination Roundtable.

Dr Sean O'Leary is a pediatric infectious diseases expert in Aurora, Colorado at the University of Colorado and affiliated with Children's Hospital Colorado. Dr O'Leary is a member of the AAP Childhood Immunization Support Program Project Advisory Committee, Committee on Infectious Diseases, Section on Infectious Diseases, Council on School Health, and is the Chapter Immunization Representative for the Colorado AAP Chapter and the Pediatric Infectious Diseases Society Liaison to the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices.

Dr Rosalyn Singleton is a board-certified pediatrician, with over 30 years in experience in clinical pediatrics. She is also Immunization Program Director for the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium and a guest researcher with the Arctic Investigations Program – Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Chapter Immunization Representative for Alaska. 

Dr Robin Warner is a board-certified pediatrician with her own practice in Union, KY. In addition to practicing general pediatrics she has experience in pediatric urgent care. Dr Warner is a member of the Childhood Immunization Support Program's Project Advisory Committee and co-chair of the AAP SOAPM Storage and Handling Subcommittee. She has also co-authored the AAP Guidance for Practitioners: Implementing Automated Identification of Vaccine Products (AIVP) Or Two Dimensional (2D) Barcode Scanning Technology in the Clinical Practice Setting.

Share a s​​​uccess

The AAP would like to help practices across the country implement changes or successful strategies in their office. Sharing success stories is one way to inspire others and share ideas. Send your story to Stories will be reviewed and could be shared on the Community of Immunizers Listserv, published in the AAP Immunization Initiatives Newsletter, or featured on the Practice Improvement Subsite.

If you need help sharing, considering sending information on the following.

Physician Name:
Practice Name:
Project Topic (storage, administration errors, hesitancy, reminder recall, etc):
How was change implemented?
How did you measure progress?

Cont​​act Us

Contact the AAP Immunization staff with questions, topics for the Newsletter, to share a success, or to join a Listserv.



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