Immunization at the AAP


​Immunization at the AAP 

​​The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and its member pediatricians dedicate their efforts and resources to the health, safety and we​​ll-being of infants, children, adolescents and young adults. The AAP is an organization of 64,000 primary care pediatricians, pediatric medical subspecialists and pediatric surgical specialists. The AAP has an elected Board of Directors (BOD) including 10 District Chairpersons, a President, and the Executive Director.

Immunization programs at the AAP include grants, campaigns, and advocacy efforts. The purpose of this Web site is to provide information to pediatricians about AAP immunization efforts, as well as resources that will assist with vaccine delivery in a practice setting. Content is developed by AAP staff and reviewed by relevant expert AAP member volunteers. Funding to host the site is provided in-kind by the AAP, and staff time for keeping it updated is provided by the CDC Childhood Immunization Support Program cooperative agreement. In certain areas of the site, email addresses are collected to be used to request evaluation of specific products or education. The information is used for no other purpose. 

​AAP Included in Vaccine Safety Net Project

The AAP site is include in the World Health Organization's (WHO) Vaccine Safety Net Project. The objective of the Vaccine Safety Net is to facilitate the access of public health authorities, health professionals and the public to reliable information on vaccine safety via the internet. At the outset of the Project, the Global Advisory Committee on Vaccine Safety developed four categories of criteria for good information practices - regarding credibility, content, accessibility and design to which sites providing information on vaccine safety should adhere. WHO evaluates websites for their adherence to these criteria. Learn more about the Vaccine Safety Net Project.

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The AAP is unable to respond to questions regarding individual medical conditions. Your pediatrician is your best resource for this information. For more information about AAP immunization initiatives, or to be added to the key contact network, please Responses are typically provided with​​​in 3 business days, but volume may impact response time. ​​


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